For M.

Dear …..

I am sitting here, beneath the branches, swaying to the autuum breeze.

Thinking of you has taken on an obsessive character. There is a part of me, hiding like a trembling child, waiting in anguish fo a single word of you.

I resent and nurish this paart of myself.

And every once in a while, i detect a question rising in the darkest back of my head.  Why did i let you take hold over my quivering heart? Is it the human nature, which keeps my cells from parting?

Do i relish in this enticing pain? My trust is dyining, in slow-motion. And i let it.

How much are we responsible for the feelings of others, of our own?

It amazes me, how easely i let myself become this needy and wanting. Yearning for something…


My cave of molded memories.


But not anymore.

I dont want your words, harsh or loving. I kiss goodbye your once so loving lips,

- producing butterflies – inside me – tangled.

I want truth, disecting all these parts wearing my name.

I want love, but not yours, not anymore.

I want as both to be whole again, seperatly.


copyright (c) 2014, by franzad.

all those latin names// it doesn’t do their beauty justice


truly magnificant. i want more of these moments, dont you?

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it is the way of first dates,
a little nervouesness,
changing my dress a hundred times

i bike there, on the way
find a place to stop & sketch
sitting in the sun on concrete steps
the geometric movement of my pen
a safety net

“you look beautiful” he says with dry lips&
“your top’s a little transparent,
is this on purpose?”
we walk in and out of greenhouses,
humid warmth, blue & red birds
flattering round our heads
“look at this flower” i say
“what an amazing shape”

i’m careful not to touch too much,
he sometimes grabs my hand
and it feels like in 8th grade
“did i get on your nerves
with all my emails last week?”
“no” i shake me head “i just need time&— ”

in the next greenhouse runs a vid, a bee crawls,
drunk with longing for the scent the black&yellow…

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fleeting moment

Bumping in and out of moonlights,

i can feel Orions belt puncturing my skin.

beneath the crickets song -

i hear your soft laughter -

runnig till the world is ending,

skinny-dipping into wet proportions -

patterned black and blue -

the deep is raising goosebumps up my spine.


I am among dripping riots,

forward, forward till the yearning stills.

- the red and lilac next to my ear

- and grassy footprints on my bare feet,

breathless in the morning – light


copyright (c) 2014 by franzad

written for OLN by dVerse


yet for you…

i could never dance

nor love

nor write

enough, for me to express

so very properly the feelings

i hold most dear.


yet for you -

i try the speech of men.


words stumble with dear intent,

along my tounge to breach

- my bottom lip -

grazes yours, to reveal

- the trembling letters -

slowly crawling upon your theeth.



Waiting for…

Rugs under tables. I am sitting at the dawn of twilight.

Waiting for you. To appear out of rosebushes.

All of a sudden. I want to be surprised by your apperance.

For all the many thoughts i spent.

For all the many smiles i gave.

For all the many heartbeats i rushed into.

Toes scratching on woolen tapestry.

My fingernails are tearing the table away.

I can smell the roses whispering your scent.

Over the doorstep i hear you comming.

I promise to wihthold my dissapointment.

For hearing you in anticipation.


copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

I drowned a year ago

I drowned a year ago

On an average Wednesday afternoon

I felt it comming – the water arising

The pressure on my skin as ist almost bursting


I am dripping…slowly out of myself

Am flooded, doors wide open

I can taste the salt on my lips

Drops are wandering down my trachea

Oh so tempting is the thought of resisting the waters


Bursting against my walls and rooftop

Lamps, cutlery and curtains are moving gracefully in gravity

Time has stopped for a moment or two

Still – i drink water and loosing air simultaneously


copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

Silence of words

There was a great silence in my head

It filed out all the creative spaces

Abandoned i felt – from words i hold most dear

Not able to  form even the smallest poetic sentence -

They drowned in daily chit chat


Wied awake i watched the willow in front of my window

Suddenly it felt like its leaves were touching me

Its tangled arms poked my heart

And i aroes to ethers spheres


copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

A nightly encounter

Pawnshop bewilderness for a couple of coins

Makes me feel like a freedom rider – 2 down

Slightly amazed by signs and Straßen – Laternen

I wander around West – Berlin

In the paved jungle i am puzzled by artshops and kebab – Buden

Flabbergasted anagrams voiced by a lonley Gitarren – Spiel

Fireflys are guiding me.  Pinned on the dark roof of heaven

like Stecknadel – Köpfe on 3 across

The conundrum of sleeping painters and aching poets

- is floating on a mellow breez

Around the corner are dancing Nachtschwärmer 7 straight down

And i find me sitting on riverbanks enhaling the city


written for the awesome crew of dVerse

copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

A thought on dying

Spring has arrived in my chamber of madness

Birds are falling from the sky -

The cures which i am bound to wear is inked on my skin

The weary dries slowly on small minded features

The cry i am whispering is for the leaves of green

- to grow on my fingers and toes

I ripp out the roots, want to fly like the ravens blood

In blooming meadows i hide my shadow


copyright 2013 by franziska dirnberger