i am resting beneath a sea of lush green leaves

a kaleidoscope of colors is dancing behind my eyelids

drops of heat are wandering down my skin


dipping my toes in the pool of clear water,

i inhale the humid air around me


listening to the almost whispered songs of birds

i drown in crickets delight

to fragile the moment lost in time


copyright (c) by franzad 2017

for dVerse


the elasticity of the human soul 

spanning galaxies, 

i feel myself floating through time

observing minutes, hours, years
but gravity anchors my body to earth

i want to tip my finger in the ripples of time

dust is rising in slowly around me

i already can feel my self decomposing

word less 

​there are people, wandering through my house, planting seeds of grief and devastation. 

the bleak smell of dried tears is adorning their whispered chatter.

abandoned footsteps on my garden path, my mum would be proud of the flower beds. 

dust is filling empty cupboards and lukewarm coffee is painting circles on tabletops. 

i want to capture this day, this moment where everything is schemes and shadows. 

in the hollow of the light i still can see your dancing form. 

morning glory

​my heart stretches, expanding so little.

for all the accumulated space and time. i filled with books and music. paintings and sunrises. the counting of your moles.

i feel the ever pleasant ache of giving away some part of me to conserve another one of natures wonders. the icy thornes of frozen twigs. white branches glistening in the pale morning light. 
i breath in. the cold and ragged flickers of small wonders

you and me. in winter. 

your lips on mine – 

under blazing starlight,

among snow-covered trees.

raspy whispers fluttering across my frozen cheek. 

i stoke the cooling embers 

flames licking up my spine. ignited. 

and your skin. your touch. everywhere a tender caress.

bruises blossom around my hip bones.

a day, a year i feel your fire.

cold toes against your shin. 

under blanket forts we count the dancing snowflakes. 


shadowplay of branches drawing wild patterns on my skin.
I am blinking the horizon away.
heat is buzzing against my temples and sweat pearls are dripping down my back.
and endless drip, drip drip…

i can feel every step. every stone and grain, covering roadsides and unpaved walkways.
the air feels thick and burning, being pushed down my windpipe.
breath, breath, breath…

on and on. the landscape before me.
i am a little beating heart, surrounded by vibrant living beings.
Of skin, fur and feathers. bones as heavy as the ocean and light as the wind. floating by.

smells of earth, dirt and rain. Oh, the sweet smell of rain!
time is of no importance, only distance matters.


my own flesh. divided into four parts. each unique, with souls bound to mine.

i sit with them on our kitchen table. arguing about butter and bread.

my heart swells with abundance.

no matter how far i go, or how often i do leave. i can come back.

talking nonsense and imagine dragons. my thoughts and wishes are bound to thee.