There are souls who wander around me garden,

Touching the leefs with their coldly breath

Kisses i found on barks and roots

Collars of flowerpetals gild the fallow soil

My heart fluttered in akward silence

The Strangers who live around me house are followed by shadows

I opened the window for the light breez to come,

But legions of crows tore  me barriers down and built nests

In me hair

As i was far away from me homeland i embraced the outland

With dark desire

But strangness filled me heart,

No path leads me to the desert shore

Copyright © 2012 by Franziska Dirnberger



4 thoughts on “3

    1. Thanks, i am glad you could find something for you in it…although i can not fully take credit for spelling and grammar, most of it was intentional
      but some maybe was caused from me being not a native-english-speaking-person (that on the other hand was on purpose) 🙂
      btw…i really love your brain and thoughts on american politics, its rare to read stuff like that from a non-european,
      i know since i am from europe…
      love to hear from you again, and please feel free to visit and comment!!!!

      1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy all of my posts, and that you didn’t just catch me on a good day. I’ll be checking in a lot–I really enjoy your poetry.

      2. Good days are not so rare as you might think they are… 😉 and the bad ones are also most productive.
        Love that you enjoy my poetry, hope it stays that way, have a wonderful day!!!

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