8 Parting

As i walked through the valley of death i felt my soul shiver

Forlorn was i amongst the others

Listening to the grieving trumpets ode, my phantom sunk into deep waters


Grown in you made my image quiver

Abandond me on fallow acers, lit a candle for my maddend mind


I miss your kindness and cherish your indulgence

For so long i have you known but you were fading for a while


I held you close as you exhaled and wached you rise to higher grounds


Lace waves around your wiltered face, ornamented with daysies and roses

All the words i collected once, escaped from my lips since

I plead for stillness to consume me, let me be free of feelings, please


The hollow space contains my loss and every salty drop i save

For you my heart


Copyright © 2012 by Franziska Dirnberger


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