Past Tense Draft

sewed on gaping chest, your heart suits you

screaming fear of rotten breath

tell me my child of thousand words

how was it that i lost myself amongst so many


far too long have you been bleeding

my kisses lack the ability to heal your wounds

only deeper do they chase the embers inside you

thoughts disintegrate like ice in sweet water


hooded sidles age of mapping structure

on every moment past in details

i mastered every stage of acting

around your vacuum feeding breasts

your theeth sunk deep in flesh and bones

i dare you to leave the cold earth hiding


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


7 thoughts on “Past Tense Draft

    1. aaahhmmm, i do not know what you mean but i agree…i do not really know my motivation which drove me to write that poem, it just flowed out of me..but i guess it was something like that…
      wish you a spectacular day!

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