evil me over

Numbness vapidly embraced over scalps and earlobes

i want to take a knive and cut it loose

stopp fucking me agains scraping barks

of a hundred year old tree longing the water drenched

out of my veins and obstreperous behavior.


Fleeting anger bathed the thin shell of my minds sanity

so longing to throw chairs through walls and oafishness

of all the shadows in my head i fear myself the most

where is i when you are constantly slamming ideas of it


i grab the bat


all the red is loosing me trying to net it

when mirrors smirking at my frown the you in me

is killing the battle first hand over burning fields

abandoned unicorns behind sallow rainbows

shouting at the endless being ripping out of me


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


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