lines…random drops

for all i am not in shiny glances, i bow in humble silence

all i lack in understanding- for you my dear i compensate


colored are the weeping willows dropping salvia with every breez

alas i found the harming nature inside my covered shelf of dreams

darker stains leaping on the geographical soil of inner strives

if ever laughter leaves your enduring faces i will shave my head

with each stroke pleading for forgivness


humanity comes not easily to my understanding of worldly ways

so i gawk at hollow choices and take the beat

for dancing in streets of wonder i sidle beside flaws in favour


bitterness of pages written in silent nights over red poppy fields

running as the world is ending, i want to dive in snowy oceans

i fold in turning cycles closed to utter circumstances


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


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