Missing You

i have left so many times

lost you over harsh tones and mean spirited thoughts

gathered around your daily breathing

cried over dried coffee cups piled up in sinks

wind engages in a gentle dance around curtains

on the beaches of my memory i listen


to your guitarre musings near fireplaces

diving into the trails of warmth around my body

is it enough to say i miss us

poetry verses in my ear i miss us fighthing, my dear

from the valley of my heart i contemplate

tender pick up the stacks of letters

on my shoulder lies your head while i kiss you

and i take my coat to leave again

between us lies everything


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


11 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. i like how lies everything in the end could put the whole thing is question…is it built on lies or is it genuine…missing even the fighting…strong feelings that…

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