As If…

in driftwood i hear a song emerging

ivy entwines around splattered moonlight

in shadows i kiss your heartwarming lips


touching the leafages moisty realm

i sidle to the hollow grounds

of tapestry in wrinkled bodies

i catch fireflys upon the nightly ceiling

copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


All a reaction to Bruces wonderful words…


17 thoughts on “As If…

      1. really good idea that, after the new year when I have got a grip on what to do with all my blogs and got past x-mas, hopefully Susan will be up for it

    1. by all means, i have no idea what schlurpy means…i would like to be either offended or happy about your comment, but please do explain….(even if it means i just ruind your comment…)

      1. I liked the syrupy way the words flowed and commingled, as much as the meaning I enjoyed the words for their own sake (leafages, nightly, sidle etc.).
        I often do, hence the indecipherable comment 😉

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