A Storm is comming

stones beside my window sill

i feel the winters chill – crawling

out of lumpy shadows

–         vikings i have found on doorsteps

howling to their swords desire


bloody creatures dripping on screaming ground

a flock of crows

– voyages to the northern land

above my head i feel the pressured air dry

as the silent upraising of a magnetic storm

–         beware forth evermore


voiceless figures around my house

helmets clinging to clotheslines

shacks and rooftops are following me


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


now, for those of you who like a prompt,

be inspired to write an poem and if you like

link it to the comment section. i am looking

forward to your musings


38 thoughts on “A Storm is comming

  1. Thanks, and yes, i/we will do many more prompts….
    i think we will do the same one next week, monday, if so i will post about it on Sunday…and i will wok on that list, and think about a word list like yours..LIKE IT.

    hope that helps, if not: comment….and hope to see you around.
    wish you a great week,

    1. Stephen, so glad you took the time to write two response poems. I like this sort of creative collaboration.
      Both your poems are great. I especially liked the rythm of the first one, and how your writing transformed from the first to the second poem. i hope to see you around here. When you do a response prompt, let me know. I really enjoy reading your poetry.
      wish you a spectacular day,

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