Where my heart lies

Bodys buried on the shores of Ganga

I stretch my arm touching her surface

Softly strifing waves around me

Passing flowers are telling stories of weeping

All the lights of tiny candles

Floating warmth around my wrists

Destilation of a scent ive known

Breaching over nostril inflation

Rhytmically flaring to drums beating hearts

I smell the flesh, the yearning parting

Chants whisper of mystical creatures

Faith i share with devoting souls

I lost my cross on a rocking boat

on a river aged in stories


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


8 thoughts on “Where my heart lies

  1. Loved it! It was emotionally, soul-stirring. In a positive sense. You’re amazing in how you express feelings and the use of words is mesmering. : )

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