My Memory in Graves

Flee, my child of painful mime

Tender assignments in sounds –

Of my voice withdrawn from time

Marching to the silent grounds

skulls bursting On cobblestone

the dead are raining upon me –

mourning dressed in black lace

stillness of earthly cadence

dried eyballs in my boney hand

i wipe your skin with soap

scythe cuts out the rotten sap

„To The Ground“ conducts the band

with agonized act in parture

stried to disused grounds in virture

copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger

FormForAll – Kyrielle prompt by Gay Cannon

written for dVerse.


10 thoughts on “My Memory in Graves

  1. I liked the poem; but I don’t think it’s even a variation on a kyrielle or kyrielle sonnet. I didn’t see a refrain at all. In this structure the last line of each stanza should be the same or nearly the same.
    Have a really happy holiday!

    1. thank you for your comment. Its my first try on this, and i went to far with the variations. I will have to practice more on that.
      Wish you a happy, peaceful holiday as well!

    1. well, my spelling aka keyboard aka my insufficient knowledge of the english language
      helped me create that word. I will define it as: the urge to march with confidence…for now at least.

  2. somehow the skulls on cobblestone made me think of different historical events with a lot of people dying in a short time..the black death being one of them…vivid imagery indeed

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