A Collision

clean linen obliviously humming back and forth the curtain rail

i sit on top of  backgammon towers –

commanding archers to enter blissful mindly castles

a door to a room i open in silent manner –

listening to raising whispers over blinded shores

connecting the sea with ghost wearing halos, in tatters dragging the tides

waves splashing around wooden table-legs, fawning up my tibia

harsh winds slowly raging, urging to set free, i bend to catch the flying petals

stomping sound of cracking timbers under pressured liquid

metal and fire to burn the heavy hatchets –

covered in raincoates i ran to save the soaking cloths

my toes are skinny-dipping, coated by the salty drops of froth,

i stretch out to save the gilder, fighting for the sparks idea

the rolled up pant-legs over rainboots shaking to the cold airs brim

suddenly my room is flooded, crouching shadows and raging waters

–  left to pen down the last silver thread of human notion

my back is resting on a chair, sea breez in nostrils


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger


written for the OpenLinkNight over at dVerse Pub,

an amazing collaboration of writers providing space to thrive and share.


8 thoughts on “A Collision

  1. nice…i love the textures in this…the skinny dipping toes…the sound of the timbers…the ghosts in tattered haloes dragging the tides…this is rather dreamlike in quality…a flooding room awaking in that chair…

  2. ha – that is wonderful.. loved the images…sitting on top of backgammon towers…nice…that has a wonderful surreal feel and then you take us back to reality in the closure..nice

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