A nightly encounter

Pawnshop bewilderness for a couple of coins

Makes me feel like a freedom rider – 2 down

Slightly amazed by signs and Straßen – Laternen

I wander around West – Berlin

In the paved jungle i am puzzled by artshops and kebab – Buden

Flabbergasted anagrams voiced by a lonley Gitarren – Spiel

Fireflys are guiding me.  Pinned on the dark roof of heaven

like Stecknadel – Köpfe on 3 across

The conundrum of sleeping painters and aching poets

– is floating on a mellow breez

Around the corner are dancing Nachtschwärmer 7 straight down

And i find me sitting on riverbanks enhaling the city


written for the awesome crew of dVerse

copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger


7 thoughts on “A nightly encounter

  1. Almost every single line stands out here !! Love how you wove in the German (I think that’s what language it is) and that last line really makes me sigh, so beautiful !! Good to see you back it has been awhile !!!

  2. smiles…berlin is a city full of contradictions and beauty even in its ugly parts…i also like the mentality of the people who just say what they think…berliner schnauze..ha.. i fell in love with berlin… and you wove a cool snapshot..

  3. ha. what a wonderful tour through your cross word….exhaling the city there in the end…i would love the art shops as well…the line on the conundrum of painters and poets is my fav and jumped out at me…havent been to berlin yet but would…

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