shadowplay of branches drawing wild patterns on my skin.
I am blinking the horizon away.
heat is buzzing against my temples and sweat pearls are dripping down my back.
and endless drip, drip drip…

i can feel every step. every stone and grain, covering roadsides and unpaved walkways.
the air feels thick and burning, being pushed down my windpipe.
breath, breath, breath…

on and on. the landscape before me.
i am a little beating heart, surrounded by vibrant living beings.
Of skin, fur and feathers. bones as heavy as the ocean and light as the wind. floating by.

smells of earth, dirt and rain. Oh, the sweet smell of rain!
time is of no importance, only distance matters.


2 thoughts on “walking

  1. I really like the image of “sweat pearls.” It’s so distinct and captures how sweat can glisten in the light as well as the shape of droplets.

    Should line four be “an endless drip” instead of “and” or “and endlessly drip”?

    Just an idea to make the action more instant for line five, you could do:
    “i feel every stone and grain…”
    Same kind of idea for line six:
    “the air is thick and burning, pushing down my windpipe”

    Overall, lovely imagery of a stroll.

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