For M.

Dear …..

I am sitting here, beneath the branches, swaying to the autuum breeze.

Thinking of you has taken on an obsessive character. There is a part of me, hiding like a trembling child, waiting in anguish fo a single word of you.

I resent and nurish this paart of myself.

And every once in a while, i detect a question rising in the darkest back of my head.  Why did i let you take hold over my quivering heart? Is it the human nature, which keeps my cells from parting?

Do i relish in this enticing pain? My trust is dyining, in slow-motion. And i let it.

How much are we responsible for the feelings of others, of our own?

It amazes me, how easely i let myself become this needy and wanting. Yearning for something…


My cave of molded memories.


But not anymore.

I dont want your words, harsh or loving. I kiss goodbye your once so loving lips,

– producing butterflies – inside me – tangled.

I want truth, disecting all these parts wearing my name.

I want love, but not yours, not anymore.

I want as both to be whole again, seperatly.


copyright (c) 2014, by franzad.


yet for you…

i could never dance

nor love

nor write

enough, for me to express

so very properly the feelings

i hold most dear.


yet for you –

i try the speech of men.


words stumble with dear intent,

along my tounge to breach

– my bottom lip –

grazes yours, to reveal

– the trembling letters –

slowly crawling upon your theeth.



Waiting for…

Rugs under tables. I am sitting at the dawn of twilight.

Waiting for you. To appear out of rosebushes.

All of a sudden. I want to be surprised by your apperance.

For all the many thoughts i spent.

For all the many smiles i gave.

For all the many heartbeats i rushed into.

Toes scratching on woolen tapestry.

My fingernails are tearing the table away.

I can smell the roses whispering your scent.

Over the doorstep i hear you comming.

I promise to wihthold my dissapointment.

For hearing you in anticipation.


copyright (c) 2013 by franziska dirnberger

Dear WordPress Allies

Pardon my spelling, but i just wanted to say what a feast it is for me

sharing all this creativity with you.

Reading your words, be inspired by them.

Left in tears, filled with laughter, touched by your souls wrinkled corners.

I so enjoy your company, walking for a while with you on this path called life.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas time, filled with gratitude, love and joy.


Missing You

i have left so many times

lost you over harsh tones and mean spirited thoughts

gathered around your daily breathing

cried over dried coffee cups piled up in sinks

wind engages in a gentle dance around curtains

on the beaches of my memory i listen


to your guitarre musings near fireplaces

diving into the trails of warmth around my body

is it enough to say i miss us

poetry verses in my ear i miss us fighthing, my dear

from the valley of my heart i contemplate

tender pick up the stacks of letters

on my shoulder lies your head while i kiss you

and i take my coat to leave again

between us lies everything


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger