i am resting beneath a sea of lush green leaves

a kaleidoscope of colors is dancing behind my eyelids

drops of heat are wandering down my skin


dipping my toes in the pool of clear water,

i inhale the humid air around me


listening to the almost whispered songs of birds

i drown in crickets delight

to fragile the moment lost in time


copyright (c) by franzad 2017

for dVerse


Dear WordPress Allies

Pardon my spelling, but i just wanted to say what a feast it is for me

sharing all this creativity with you.

Reading your words, be inspired by them.

Left in tears, filled with laughter, touched by your souls wrinkled corners.

I so enjoy your company, walking for a while with you on this path called life.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas time, filled with gratitude, love and joy.