shadowplay of branches drawing wild patterns on my skin.
I am blinking the horizon away.
heat is buzzing against my temples and sweat pearls are dripping down my back.
and endless drip, drip drip…

i can feel every step. every stone and grain, covering roadsides and unpaved walkways.
the air feels thick and burning, being pushed down my windpipe.
breath, breath, breath…

on and on. the landscape before me.
i am a little beating heart, surrounded by vibrant living beings.
Of skin, fur and feathers. bones as heavy as the ocean and light as the wind. floating by.

smells of earth, dirt and rain. Oh, the sweet smell of rain!
time is of no importance, only distance matters.



The rearrangement of the senses.
In the transcendentalism of emerging thoughts.

Haying in the afternoons fading heat
i tend to wander away, around                         Waldens pond

the coolness of spent shadows
make words linger in my mind.

sweaty drops lumbering down my spine       and lower
ha…..searing mind, decendes through worked muscles
–   to yawning fingertips and toes.

pink and orange colored skies, in variations –
after the horizon with cricket songs
my spirits strive

copyright (c) 2014 by franzad
written for dVerse

For M.

Dear …..

I am sitting here, beneath the branches, swaying to the autuum breeze.

Thinking of you has taken on an obsessive character. There is a part of me, hiding like a trembling child, waiting in anguish fo a single word of you.

I resent and nurish this paart of myself.

And every once in a while, i detect a question rising in the darkest back of my head.  Why did i let you take hold over my quivering heart? Is it the human nature, which keeps my cells from parting?

Do i relish in this enticing pain? My trust is dyining, in slow-motion. And i let it.

How much are we responsible for the feelings of others, of our own?

It amazes me, how easely i let myself become this needy and wanting. Yearning for something…..you.


My cave of molded memories.


But not anymore.

I dont want your words, harsh or loving. I kiss goodbye your once so loving lips,

– producing butterflies – inside me – tangled.

I want truth, disecting all these parts wearing my name.

I want love, but not yours, not anymore.

I want as both to be whole again, seperatly.


copyright (c) 2014, by franzad.

Where my heart lies

Bodys buried on the shores of Ganga

I stretch my arm touching her surface

Softly strifing waves around me

Passing flowers are telling stories of weeping

All the lights of tiny candles

Floating warmth around my wrists

Destilation of a scent ive known

Breaching over nostril inflation

Rhytmically flaring to drums beating hearts

I smell the flesh, the yearning parting

Chants whisper of mystical creatures

Faith i share with devoting souls

I lost my cross on a rocking boat

on a river aged in stories


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger

Missing You

i have left so many times

lost you over harsh tones and mean spirited thoughts

gathered around your daily breathing

cried over dried coffee cups piled up in sinks

wind engages in a gentle dance around curtains

on the beaches of my memory i listen


to your guitarre musings near fireplaces

diving into the trails of warmth around my body

is it enough to say i miss us

poetry verses in my ear i miss us fighthing, my dear

from the valley of my heart i contemplate

tender pick up the stacks of letters

on my shoulder lies your head while i kiss you

and i take my coat to leave again

between us lies everything


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger

lines…random drops

for all i am not in shiny glances, i bow in humble silence

all i lack in understanding- for you my dear i compensate


colored are the weeping willows dropping salvia with every breez

alas i found the harming nature inside my covered shelf of dreams

darker stains leaping on the geographical soil of inner strives

if ever laughter leaves your enduring faces i will shave my head

with each stroke pleading for forgivness


humanity comes not easily to my understanding of worldly ways

so i gawk at hollow choices and take the beat

for dancing in streets of wonder i sidle beside flaws in favour


bitterness of pages written in silent nights over red poppy fields

running as the world is ending, i want to dive in snowy oceans

i fold in turning cycles closed to utter circumstances


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger

thoughts on middle eastern eruptions

if the root of the bark minds me hiding

clouded lilies will be waving farwell

to most beloved buried underneath

holy ashes spreading on white sheets


hearts can bear pain in memories

souls dividing into fractures of being

and lost is humanity on gunfires burning

deep down into lifes lived on edge and crumbles


laughing at the verge of downfall

in lemon orchards and olive trees

running the night away with songs

prayed on pearls and wounded knees


screaming at the shattered bricks

through tunnels water floats in veins

drought grows in the house of virture

afraid of the mirrors gaze we hold our breath


copyright (c) 2012 by franziska dirnberger